De Luna, E. 2009

Typification, taxonomy and distribution of Braunia squarrulosa (Hedwigiaceae) in Mexico and Central America. The Bryologist 112(1): 202–207.


ABSTRACT. Diagnosis and illustrations are given for Braunia squarrulosa. Relevant to the taxonomy of the species, three names needed lectotypification. A Schlechtendahl specimen at BM is the lectotype for B. squarrulosa. A collection by Ehrenberg (BM) is the lectotype for B. sphaerocarpa. The lectotype for B. liebmanniana is a Liebmann specimen located at BM. The last two names are retained as synonyms of B. squarrulosa. The worldwide distribution of the species is documented in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.

KEYWORDS. Taxonomy, nomenclature, lectotypes, Hedwigiaceae, Braunia.