Ramirez-Ortega, JM, E. De Luna & A. Estrada-Torres. 2009

A phylogeny of Cribrariaceae among Myxomycetes derived from morphological characters. MYCOTAXON 110: 331–355.


Abstract – A cladistic study of the Cribrariaceae was performed to examine its
phylogenetic position among the Myxomycetes based on a data matrix comprising 54 morphological characters and 55 exemplar myxomycete species. Parsimony ratchet with implied weighting was employed as tree search strategy. Results show the Cribrariaceae as a monophyletic group that includes Cribraria and Dictydium but not Lindbladia and suggest Trichiales as the sister group. Our analyses neither support Dictydium as a genus separated from Cribraria nor the Liceales as monophyletic. This is the first attempt to evaluate the phylogenetic relationships of this group using morphological characters from representative species of all Myxomycetes within a cladistic framework.

Keywords – Echinosteliales, Physarales, slime molds, Stemonitales, taxonomy